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Now offering the finest limited edition of original sculptured tangram jewelry!

This first "purrrrfect" tangram design, "Fat Cat" is white brushed gold tangram cat design on yellow gold backing. All 18 karat gold. Cat has two 1 pt diamonds for eyes. Pieces include: man's pendant and ring, women's pendant, ring, and one pair of earrings.

Only 100 will be made of this "FAT CAT" model for each piece (with a pair of earrings constituting one piece.) This jewelry is available in a limited edition and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and includes an autographed copy of Barbara's new book, Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle.

If interested, please contact us at barbara@tangrammit.com.

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     Since I knew of Barbara's great love of tangrams. I found myself at a jeweler one day and asked her to join me there. We drew up some designs of tangram jewelry, a necklace with a design of a tangram person reaching for a star, symbolized by a diamond. Accompanying the necklace were earrings and to top it off, we added a ring. It took quite a while for us to have it done to our liking. It was made out of gold, embossed with black enamel. Getting the right linkage on the earrings so they would dangle just right was important too. Believe me when I say that when they were finally completed and received by Barbara, she has not missed a day of wearing, if not all, one of her pieces of tangram jewelry... She was so delighted and so happy about her tangram jewelry until I decided to share her joy with you. Be a proud owner of this limited edition of tangram jewelry!

Tangram Jewelry

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