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Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle copyright 2003 The Master Revealed - A Journey with Tangrams copyright 1990

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Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle
(first printing 2003, color - 64 pages, including punch out set of tangrams)

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Tangrams are the seven pieces of an ancient Chinese puzzle. With tangrams, a philosopher once said:

"babies learn the forms of things;
youths exercise their wits;
men study mathematics;
artists get designs;
poets fire the imagination,
and the wise ponder over the past,
present and future."

This book showcases one artist's creative endeavors using tangrams as a design tool. She invites you to recreate her designs and to use your imagination to make your own pictures of animals, people, fish, birds and more. The rules are simple yet the results are amazing.

Traditional Rules

  • Use all 7 pieces for each individual picture puzzle.
  • Pieces can touch but not overlap.
  • The 7 pieces are two-dimensional; they must remain flat.
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Tangrams - The Magnificent Seven Piece Puzzle The Master Revealed - A Journey with Tangrams

Red Cube Bullet

The Master Revealed - A Journey with Tangrams
(first printing 1990, black and white - 128 pages)

with over 475 original puzzle designs and solutions

Tan Top

This book is the story of Tan ...

Dear Reader,
     Have you ever seen a tangram Santa? Santa A tangram penguin? Penguin How about a frantic swimmer Spacerbeing pursued by hungry sharks? Swimmer and Sharks And if you were my nephew, Will, wouldn't Spaceryou want to get somewhere fast on either a space shuttle Space Shuttle or a rocket? Rocket And how is it that after fifteen minutes Spacerof moving the seven pieces for the first time, Spacera beginner can create the design, "The Kiss"? The Kiss And would you believe me if I told you Spacerthat you can take the graceful tangram swan Swan and add more swans and create Spacera new "Escher-like" design?Spacer

Escher Swans

     The story of my adventures with tangrams follows. You will find my notebook of designs at the end of the story. I would be honored to have you recreate my puzzle silhouettes. I hope that you will also start your own notebook of designs.


Tan Bottom

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